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Welcome to S-4

S-4 Radio is the Voice of Forest Moon Paranormal. Join us every Saturday Night at 11PM PST for the dark side of the Paranormal.


We discuss everything from ghosts to aliens, bigfoot to mothman, MiLabs to conspiracies. Every show includes a panel of specialists, versed in all aspects of the paranormal. S-4 also values the input of listeners like you. Tune in during the show and visit the chatroom. If you ask a question, we'll answer it live on air.


There are many ways to listen...You can find us live on Spreaker every Saturday night at 11PM PST, or our recorded shows Saturday nights at 10PM PST on 90.1 KSVU in East Skagit Valley. Or, check out our archives on Youtube. Or, of course, you can tune in right here on s-4radio.com.

Forest Moon Paranormal and S-4 Radio believe everyone deserves an opportunity to voice their views. An appearance on S-4 does not, in any situation, constitute agreement or endorsement by Forest Moon Paranormal, S-4 Radio, or any of our affiliates. The views and opinions of our guests do not represent the views and opinions of Forest Moon Paranormal, S-4 Radio, or our affiliates.